Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

This is the term that is sometimes used for complex abdominal wall repairs that require some form of muscle release or component separation or occasionally some other form of complex reconstructive technique. The repair usually involves a soft light-weight mesh implanted in a sublay position (behind the abdominal muscles but outside the abdominal cavity), or very occasionally a so called biologic mesh. There is some tension through the repair but this is mitigated by a lateral release of the abdominal muscles (usually a transverses abdomens release or TAR for short).

Anterior component separation.

This allows the abdominal wall to be repaired but also allows the redevelopment of the abdominal muscles so that they can function more physiologically.


Patients with the following conditions may benefit from a consultation:

  • Recurring hernias
  • Complex, open wounds in the abdominal wall
  • Trauma to the abdominal wall
  • Infected mesh tissue in the abdominal wall