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Research grants

State Cancer Council Grant 1991-1992 Investigation of abnormal TSP receptor expression in melanomacells.RG/45/91).

National Health & Medical Research Council Grant. 1992 The Interaction of GP 88 receptors in Melanoma cell lines.

John Hunter Hospital Charitable Trust 2000. Appendicitis Research.

Cancer Institute NSW 2015 and 2017. Direct Access Colonoscopy.

John Hunter Hospital Charitable Trust Grant 2018. Trends and prognostic significance of peri-operative neutrophil extracellular traps and cell-free DNA in patients undergoing surgery for colorectal cancer

2019 NHMRC Partnership Grant  ($298,835). Testing the impact of an interactive health communication application on days alive out of hospital and quality of life following surgery for colorectal cancer. (Dr SR Smith is the CI).

MRFF grant of $400,000. Peri-Operative multidisciplinary shared decision making in the older adult population. 2019-21. Stephen Smith, Pragya Ajitsaria, Paul Healy. Jeanette Lacey.

Research fellowships

RACS Foundation John Loewenthal Surgical Research Fellowship 1990.

RACS Foundation Reg Worcester Surgical Research Fellowship 1991.

Examiners Scholarships

2017. RACS Examiner’s Scholarship. Protecting the examination from Cyber- interference. Visit to JCIE UK Sept-Oct 2017